It’s wonderful when a great storyteller is also a great writer, but that’s not always the case. If I had to choose one or the other, I’d choose to be a great storyteller.

Writing well is nice, sure, but storytelling is grasping moonlight and weaving it into jasmine.

There’s nothing sadder than a great writer who creates beautifully perfect sentences that go nowhere, and say nothing.

Big sister: I think you’re right. You just need to be selective about who you talk to about the idea so the naysayers don’t drain so much energy from you and cause doubt. You have a worthy idea. You can’t afford to lose confidence at this point because people aren’t getting it.

Me: I guess I just didn’t expect so much resistance to the concept. I thought, it’s pretty obviously necessary. Why isn’t the obviousness, well, more obvious?

Big sister: Hang in there. It will get easier once they see it in practice. I bet Edison had the same problem with people poo-pooing his idea because they just couldn’t recognize how it would work, and I bet Einstein had trouble explaining his ideas to the poo-pooers, too. Just because people, even people like me can’t see how it will work doesn’t mean it won’t work – you just have to believe in it for us, because you know how it will work. So don’t give up.

Me: Thanks, but it’s not like I’m inventing a light bulb or, you know, an atom bomb. I’m just promoting equality. Equality for artists and fair trade. How is equality difficult?

Big sister: We live in 2014 and women still can’t get equal pay, equality isn’t here yet. We still have work to do. Don’t let the poo-pooers get you down!

Sometimes you just need your big sister to help you pull up your bootstraps, cluck your chin, and remind you, “You got this”.

Okay. I’ve got this.
Round 267. Here we go.

And I think “poo-pooer” is my new favorite way of describing doubters.