Eight years ago I set out on an adventure to find Bliss. At the time, I thought it would be a neatly wrapped package at the end of a linear road. I believed that in discovering it – all my happiness would be assured and permanent.

There’s a card in the tarot deck that represents this idea completely – it’s called The Fool.

The Fool shows up in a tarot reading to announce new beginnings, new adventures and new self-discovery. I set out as the fool, and made a merry bumbling time of it.

Bliss turned out not to be a neatly packaged accomplishment, but rather, a convoluted twisty turny journey. It turns out that Bliss, for me at least, is not having all the answers all of the time. It’s getting in touch with the small things daily that offer beauty and artistry to my life – even when those things are in some ways, little deaths of old parts of myself. La petite mort, which is also French for orgasm. It’s about finding the little orgasms of life, and appreciating them.

It’s the company you keep; friends and strangers and family. It’s your daily environment. It’s your willingness to stretch, to become to morph, die, be reborn to a new self, a new idea, a new little orgasm of worldly experience. It’s about the ecstasy of quivering through release, and relaxing into the glow. It’s about challenging your fears, wrangling anxieties and knowing- it will all be okay – even when it’s not. It’s about recognizing the fire in your soul and stoking it. It’s about embracing all the glorious, gritty details of both challenge and success. It’s about knowing the yearning warmth of your heart and holding onto those things you love for as long as you can. It’s about letting go of what no longer invigorates. It’s about being totally honest with yourself, even when you don’t like to admit the truth. It’s about then finding the action, the courage to claim that truth and hold on for the bucking, wild ride to utter enchantment with the life you’ve always wanted.

Being the fool, setting out on an adventure, is really about faith. It’s about the longing to discover something more, something deeper, and fulfill your life in ways that you might have only previously imagined. To be the fool means you have to set out on this path with a lot of ignorance, and hope that it will all work out. It’s about the risk.

The fool’s journey is a well-documented story in tarot and even in Joseph Campbell’s works on the parallel hero’s journey. Ultimately, the goal is to be altered. No longer a fool. No longer innocent, but in possession of a greater, deeper meaning of the journey and of self.

Honestly, I’m not sure I made it back with those things, but I did make it back. And just as I’m realizing this leg of the journey has ended – I see a newer, broader and more exciting road ahead. It involves love. It involves new risks. It involved creativity and new enterprises.  It involves horizons I didn’t plan for and can’t escape. It involves new discoveries and greater expansion – and I can’t wait.

I can’t wait to start out as a whole new fool, on a whole new path, and see what happens next. Makes me wonder though, are we ever not the fool sometimes? Looking back over eight years of posts, it seems like I’ve been a fool for a really long time.

And I’m okay with that. Setting out with the open heart, and mind of a fool ensures, amazing things will happen.

Thank you for being on this adventure with me. Truly. Thank you. Thank you.

May you all be heartfelt fools on your own journeys to bliss.


Hereby signing off the air with deep love and gratitude,


P.S. Pack a good lube, and high SPF sunscreen. Just sayin’.

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